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Ken Sonkin (USF)

I’ve had the pleasure of working with Maura as an actor, teacher and director and suffice it to say, she is a consummate theater artist. Her new book is an excellent guide to acting for all levels that offers a comprehensive vocabulary along with the necessary tools in order to mine the most out of one’s craft. In it, she offers an organic approach to acting that is thorough, humble, and most of all, accessible. She inspires, elates, and educates, all from her first hand professional experience both as an actor and a dedicated theater educator.

Ken Sonkin,

Adjunct Professor, University of San Francisco

Jeremy Geidt (A.R.T., Harvard)

Maura Vaughn’s The Anatomy of a Choice: An Actor’s Guide to Text Analysis is an indispensable handbook for any young actor starting out on the long journey to become a theatre artist. Come to that, it’s a most useful tool for any actor already on that journey who should, when lost in rehearsal or performance, quickly refer to her concise, well-written advice.

The Gift of Choice!

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Mary Anne Cook (NYU/Magic Theatre)

In “Anatomy of A Choice” author Maura Vaughn offers a clear and accessible guide to bringing a character to life on stage. Through years of experience as an acting teacher Vaughn has developed a systematic approach to the acting process, creating a series of exercises that lead the actor through each step in character development. Vaughn’s straightforward language makes this book particularly useful for beginning actors, but the tools she provides are invaluable for actors at all levels.

Mary Anne Cook

Former Director of Studio Training, NYU Tisch School of the Arts, Undergraduate Drama; former General Manager, Magic Theatre, San Francisco


Darrell James (Vassar)

have been a professional actor and teacher of actors for almost twenty years.

FINALLY, someone has written a book that explains, in great detail, what an actor must do to become truly fluent in the text — how reveal the mysteries of the script and translate them into clear actable choices.

This book is destined to be dog-eared. What a great tool for actors.

Darrell James

Adjunct Instructor/Acting at Vassar College

MFA from the National Theatre Conservatory, 1994

MFA from the Academy for Classical Acting, 2009