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I am taking a limited number of orders for signed copies of the first edition! If you would like to order a copy, either use the PayPal button to the right or email Make sure to let me know to whom you would like me to sign the book, and any note that you would like included.

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Order An Ebook [New!]

Anatomy of a Choice is now available for immediate download as an ebook. Currently, it is available from, and, with more vendors coming soon. Click on one of the links below to order your copy now!

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Order from Amazon

You can order from my Amazon bookstore. Amazon will ship to you, anywhere in the world.

The bookstore includes not only my book, but all of the books that are cited in the text, as well as a number of classic acting books and titles guaranteed to provide artistic inspiration.


Order from

You can also order online from an independent bookstore, either in your local area or over the internet, through the website They too will ship to you anywhere in the world.

Like regional theaters, local independent booksellers are a treasure. Help keep them strong!


Order for a Bookstore or School

If you are an educator, librarian or bookstore buyer, and would like to order copies, contact University Press of America/Rowman & Littlefield  or your usual wholesale source.

If you would like to request a review/desk copy (either digital or paperback), send an email to Please include the name of your institution and the number of courses and students for which you are considering adopting this text. And do let us know how you heard about the book!